Envisioning a new future for patients with inherited retinal diseases

Groundbreaking gene therapy


Groundbreaking gene therapy built by and for patients with rare inherited retinal diseases (IRD)

Backed by Foundation Fighting Blindness’s venture arm, the Retinal Degeneration Fund, Opus Genetics combines unparalleled insight and commitment toward patient need with wholly owned programs in numerous rare retinal diseases to create important new AAV-based retinal gene therapies for patients.

Preserving vision

Targeting mutations in genes causing inherited retinal diseases

Opus Genetics’ focus is on developing and advancing treatments to address mutations in genes that cause loss of vision, including bestrophinopathy, Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA) and retinitis pigmentosa (RP), while building out an engine to efficiently solve for many other inherited blinding conditions. Read more about our approach.

Human eye with blowup showing the detail of the structure of the retina

“I’ve dedicated my career to the research and development of treatments for blinding diseases, and I’m eager to continue to build on this work with Opus.”

—Dr. Jean Bennett, scientific founder

Jean Bennett